Ubiquiti Controller Password reset

Fri 28 July 2017 by pj Tagged as software wifi

I really like my Ubiquiti AP; it's very set-and-forget.

But apparently I take that too literally, because I've forgotten the password at least twice in the 3 months I've owned it.

So here's a note (somewhat to myself) of the one-liner to reset the password to password:

(echo 'use ace' ; echo 'db.admin.update({}, { $set: {"x_shadow" : "$6$9Ter1EZ9$lSt6/tkoPguHqsDK0mXmUsZ1WE2qCM4m9AQ.x9/eVNJxws.hAxt2Pe8oA9TFB7LPBgzaHBcAfKFoLpRQlpBiX1"  }})') | mongo --port 27117

Putting Puppy Linux on a Raspberry Pi

Fri 21 July 2017 by pj Tagged as linux raspi

I like the Raspberry Pi machines.... mostly. It's reasonably cheap, reasonably reliable, very widespread hardware. I just can't get comfortable running from an SD card - I've dealt with corrupted OSs on them waaaay too often in the past. So I went looking for a linux distro that would load from …

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dCore notes v0.1

Mon 17 August 2015 by pj Tagged as dcore linux raspi

What's dCore?

dCore is a TinyCoreLinux derivative that's based on Debian. TinyCoreLinux has the nice property of, once booted, running from RAM instead of scribbling on your USB stick for ephemeral things like log writes and pid files and etc.


I was lazy so I took the TinyCoreLinux installer …

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OSMC and hostapd

Tue 19 May 2015 by pj Tagged as kodi linux raspi wifi

I recently hooked up a Raspberry Pi running Kodi to my Living Room television, and it was a hit with the kids (their favorite shows and moving more easily accessible than by swapping DVDs) and the wife (easy to run via a remote app on her phone).

Separately, trips with …

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Packaging sites with Aspen

Tue 05 May 2015 by pj Tagged as aspen software www

As the co-maintainer of Aspen, I've focused mainly on making it easier to use, but have, myself, had few opportunities to build sites using it. One such was granted to me the other day, and I took the time to figure out how to build a python package that used …

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Vundle Rocks!

Sat 02 August 2014 by pj Tagged as software vim

So I just replaced a very complicated git repo with numerous submodules with a much simpler one.

This gift was granted to me by the creator of Vundle, which is a vim package manager that lets you specify desired vim packages in your .vimrc and then handles the download and …

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Laptop Overheating

Mon 12 May 2014 by pj Tagged as laptop personal news

This morning, my laptop was, as usual, showing an average idle running temp of around 76C, which is fairly hot, but didn't seem too bad... until I put it under load, at which point it shut down because of the temp limit of 97C. Much searching of the Internet commenced …

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Bundle of Holding 3+ Reviews

Mon 08 July 2013 by pj Tagged as book reviews

My friend Allen Varney just spearheaded Bundle of Holding +3, and I just finished reading them all, so here are some brief reviews:

  • Oathbreaker (Books 1 and 2) by Colin McComb - nice high fantasy, with lots of backstabbing and intrigue, though a bit heavy on backstory. And while the backstory …

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Blogging by Pelican

Sun 12 May 2013 by pj Tagged as personal news tools

I stumbled across Pelican and was quite stricken - I've wanted something similar for a long time. So! Since my current blog is an ancient mess, but the content was salvagable (thanks to it all being in text files), I converted them all to Pelican and will maybe start blogging again …

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Transcoding mpeg2 to mp4 with avconv

Tue 22 January 2013 by pj Tagged as linux media

I'm using mediatomb to share my media files across my home LAN, and a friend pointed me at stream-chan which would stream live TV from my HDHomeRun via DLNA. Way cool! Except that the main endpoints in my network are phones and tablets, which are none too happy about trying …

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