Ubiquiti Controller Password reset

Fri 28 July 2017 by pj Tagged as software wifi

I really like my Ubiquiti AP; it's very set-and-forget.

But apparently I take that too literally, because I've forgotten the password at least twice in the 3 months I've owned it.

So here's a note (somewhat to myself) of the one-liner to reset the password to password:

(echo 'use ace' ; echo 'db.admin.update({}, { $set: {"x_shadow" : "$6$9Ter1EZ9$lSt6/tkoPguHqsDK0mXmUsZ1WE2qCM4m9AQ.x9/eVNJxws.hAxt2Pe8oA9TFB7LPBgzaHBcAfKFoLpRQlpBiX1"  }})') | mongo --port 27117

Packaging sites with Aspen

Tue 05 May 2015 by pj Tagged as aspen software www

As the co-maintainer of Aspen, I've focused mainly on making it easier to use, but have, myself, had few opportunities to build sites using it. One such was granted to me the other day, and I took the time to figure out how to build a python package that used …

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Vundle Rocks!

Sat 02 August 2014 by pj Tagged as software vim

So I just replaced a very complicated git repo with numerous submodules with a much simpler one.

This gift was granted to me by the creator of Vundle, which is a vim package manager that lets you specify desired vim packages in your .vimrc and then handles the download and …

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SWAMI and pyward

Fri 18 March 2005 by pj Tagged as software www
So the other day I went looking for something to manage .htaccess files via a CGI. They're a mild pain to edit manually, so I figured someone had run into this problem before. I was right - but everyone wanted $25ish for their solution. So I decided it couldn't be that … read more