War on Terror Jingoism

Thu 21 September 2006 by pj Tagged as ancient commentary politics

A relative forwarded me an email spewing a bunch of jingoistic garbage, and I responded:

Radical Muslims:Islam :: KKK:Christianity

I'm not always an Andrew Sullivan fan, but the letter he reprints vividly demonstrates where attitudes like the below will get us - where they've already gotten us. "Liberty and Justice for all"... be careful how you redefine 'all' lest it be redefined to exclude _you_ sometime in the future.

The way to fight the war on terror is to not be afraid, to not act out of fear, and to treat terrorists like the criminals they are instead of lowering yourself into their world of hate and lies.


Thu 25 March 2004 by pj Tagged as ancient commentary
Reading this entry on Freedom to Tinker about why Fraunhaufer's 'Lightweight DRM' is doomed made me think, 'Yet again, well meaning people are championing ideas long shot down,' and reminded me of Cory Doctorow's form letter for people who think they've solved spam. So I decided to take a first … read more

Winer on Techies

Mon 13 October 2003 by pj Tagged as ancient commentary
I can't believe Dave Winer thinks that this opinion is news.

Business has always been about find a need (ie. a customer's desire) and answering it. However, I think he oversimplifies and doesn't give the techies their due when he says that 'Vision isn't coming from [them]"; customers have needs …

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Open letter to John Harell

Thu 12 June 2003 by pj Tagged as ancient commentary
To: John Harell
Subject: absolute copyright

> When I create something, that thing is mine.

I'm a programmer, so I know what you mean. I write software and bring it into the world with much blood, sweat and tears along the way. And yet...

I didn't create the language the software …

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Word unter alles

Thu 24 April 2003 by pj Tagged as ancient commentary
Here is a great essay on one of my pet peeves, using Word (or excel, though there are fewer open alternatives) as a document exchange format. It used to be that you could advocate a neutral format by pointing out 'what if I don't have Word, but instead use WordPerfect … read more

Texas Action Network

Mon 07 April 2003 by pj Tagged as ancient commentary
I wish there were more things like the Texas Action Network; It seems a useful feedback into the legislative process. But I also wish that it didn't supply form-letters - they're more likely to be ignored. Paradox: make it easy to show a unified front on an issue (via form letters … read more

Geeks & Politics

Mon 31 March 2003 by pj Tagged as ancient commentary
Lawrence Lessig's blog says:
Ed Felten has a wonderful piece about the idiocy in the mini-DMCA's being considered by a number of state "governments." What is so frustrating about this business is not the people (like these governments) who disagree with you. But that their disagreement reveals that they have …
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