Word unter alles

Thu 24 April 2003 by pj Tagged as ancient commentary
Here is a great essay on one of my pet peeves, using Word (or excel, though there are fewer open alternatives) as a document exchange format. It used to be that you could advocate a neutral format by pointing out 'what if I don't have Word, but instead use WordPerfect or Wordstar or AMIPro', but those products are victims of the microsoftopoly, so you have to mention OpenOffice or LyX or something, at which point people look at you funny (though I've never understood why someone else's ignorance causes them to look at me funny if I point out something they didn't know about... I don't look at them funny just because they're ignorant) . *sigh* Note that this entry is here at least somewhat to remind me to point people at the above link the next time I get a word doc in email.