dCore notes v0.1

Mon 17 August 2015 by pj Tagged as dcore linux raspi

What's dCore?

dCore is a TinyCoreLinux derivative that's based on Debian. TinyCoreLinux has the nice property of, once booted, running from RAM instead of scribbling on your USB stick for ephemeral things like log writes and pid files and etc.


I was lazy so I took the TinyCoreLinux installer CD and used it to make a bootable USB stick, and then copied over the dCore-jessie.gz and vmlinuz-jessie from the download site files into /boot, and then modified /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf.

It was easier to do than to describe :)


  • Setting the tc user password: passwd didn't work (for unknown reasons it just returned immediately without prompting for a new password), so (as root) I worked around it by doing echo 'tc:mynewpassword' | chpasswd. And then of course put /etc/shadow into my /opt/.filetool.lst.