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Please use the links above to access my photo index page to have a look-see what's new, or the musings link will take you to a (very few) of my writings, And links will take you to some of my favorite links.


Sept 18, 03 -

I haven't updated in a while, mostly because I've been buisy buying a house!! Right now I'm in the process of painting 2 of the bedrooms and the living room, and pulling up the carpet, padding & old laminate tile in the living room so I can get slate installed. I've just taken a few minites to update some of my links page (removing the EQ links as I don't play anymore - at least not untill EQ2 comes out). I'll be adding new photos of the house & of James' 8th B-day after this weekend.

May 23, 03 -

I've added 2 new photo pages - James 2003 photos and TJS jugglers.

Apr 1, 03 -

A little bit of moving around, and some tweaking. I've put the links that were on this page on their own page, and I've moved the updates from the photo page to here, since my HTML skills have improved to the point that I can actually make updates to the rest of the site on a regular basis! (I'll be recreating the photo page in the next day or so, so it's not just duplicate information)
I also want to point out something I'm rather proud of - the W3C validation links at the top of the page. Click on them & they take you to the W3C validation service to show that my pages are all written in correct HTML. I will own up to the fact that none of the pages with thumbnails are correct though, because the command I used to make the photos open up in their own window is not considered correct. I decided I wanted to keep that feature, so those pages are just going to have errors on them untill I learn a new meathod to achieve the same thing! (If anyone has ideas, please email me!)

March 03 -

No new photos, but I did a little clean up to the photo pages - when you click on a photo, it should open up in a new window, thereby making viewing easier. I also added titles that should show up if you hover the mouse over the thumbnail (in most browsers). I am also looking into a gallery program to make flipping through photos easier, and am getting closer to deciding to buy a digital camera, which should increase the rate that I add photos to the site!

Dec 02 -

I've added more to James's 2002 photos page, as well as pictures from the jugglers Halloween party, our brief trip to England and a page for James's photos with Santa. I also added some interesting things I was emailed to the "other photos" page and did some general clean up.

Sept 02 -

I've added Photos of James's 7th Birthday, and some of my D&D group. and also to the 2002 photos page.