James 2003

James joined the chess team at school this year, and started playing in local tournaments this spring. Despite the expression in this picture, he has been enjoying himself... really! What a face!

Enjoying the park
some pritty flowers and green green trees
catching a lift 1 catching a lift 2 swing pretending to be a balanced ball 1 pretending to be a balanced ball 2

Travis County Fair
absolutely fascinated... ... watching the blacksmith makin' faces enjoying the petting zoo 1 enjoying the petting zoo 2
chocolate milk... YUM! enjoying the petting zoo 3 enjoying the petting zoo 4
up, up, up... having fun on the boat ride 1 having fun on the boat ride 2 hanging on tight! ...and down, down down!

A Rare Ice Storm
Walking on the ice crackle crackle crunch crunch a rock hard mound frozen grass Bella under ice

My First Bike
My first bike 1st practice ride 1 1st practice ride 2 1st practice ride 3 CRASH!

photos ©2003 Fina J Kelley