England November 2002

James on Bexhill beach, high tide James on Bexhill beach, low tide windy day on Bexhill beach
James on the junglegym James makes his descent... ... and gets stuck!

Audrey & Daisy on the beach

Audrey & Daisy on the beach

Chico Chico & friend

Chico & friend

the deer - here they are the deer - there they go the deer - and now they're gone

James & Jonny chasing deer in Petworth Park

Jonny Jon playing football Nicola & Hazel

Jonny the footballer, Nicola & Hazel in Petworth Park

Bexhill Beach
waves 1 waves 2 waves 3 waves 4
seagulls & marina waves 5 low tide
sand ripples 1 Daisy in the tide pools sand ripples 2
James & Daisy 1 James & Daisy 2 James & Daisy 3

photos ©2002 Fina J Kelley