James 2002

the Bloody Knight ready for battle duel with a pirate 1 duel with a pirate 2 going trick or treating the Not-so-Bloody Knight

James also started learning tennis this fall...

at tennis inovative racket storage

...although his enthusiasm is questionable!

James's first day at Casis
at his desk full classroom with his desk-mate with Mrs Mazzarella

James had a lot of
fun at the swimming pool
this summer. He is able to
swim the (very long)
length of the pool,
and enjoys jumping
off the diving board!

happy days fun in the sun in the water

Six Flags July 2002
ready to start the day! posing 1 posing 2 spider boy crashed out

Tuckered out Kiddo!

waiting in line bumper cars 1 bumper cars 2 taking a rest

Tucson May 2002
Fina & flasher Fina & James

photos ©2002 S Judy Ray

photos ©2002 Fina J Kelley