Zachary's works

I've not written much, but if you're interested, you're welcome to browse. Feedback is always appreciated, and usually answered!


'The Good Stuff'

(stuff I like)

Max's Change
is a short story set in an offshoot of Roger Zelazny's Amber Universe. Written sometime in January or Febuary of 1994.

Not a Rustle
is a poem I wrote 9/15/94 when I was in a fairly morbid mood.

'The Crummy Stuff'

This stuff is typically pretty crummy, and is here in case maybe someone else likes it. bleh

Night Ride
is a poem I wrote that same night after I'd lightened up a bit. Inspired by the feeling I got doing about 90 down the highway at 2am on a motorcycle.

Magic Net
is another poem that I wrote that same night, but I'm not completely satisfied with it. In fact, it stinks pretty good.


Some thoughts on A-life Generation came to me 6/1/95. They struck me as non-obvious and worth sharing, thogh they're probably old hat to Those In The Know.

I wrote this paragraph on Free Will 10/7/95 after ruminating on societal constraints upon individual actions.

This narration, or explanation, tries to convey an experience I came across many times when I was younger, but rarely do now. (8/4/96)

(Yes, that's all. Told you I hadn't written much.)