Who is this guy Zachary, anyway?

"He's just this guy, you know?" --HHGTTG

I'm a systems network programmer admin maintainer developer hacker explorer creator destroyer. Or something like that.

So what's he look like?

Stats: 6'0 tall, 165lbs, Hair & eyes: brown

Zachary describes himself in various and sundry places as "A tall, thin young man with a ready smile and quick wit. He's wearing blue jeans (slightly battered) and a T-shirt (changes daily... almost)", and indeed this describes him 28 days out of the month - the rest of the time he's not that dressed up. The only pictures he has of himself are from a trip to Colorado.

How to reach him

Zach can be reached by email as zachary@place.org... he checks his email approximately daily...

So what's he do in his free time?

Well... the answers are many an varied: He MOOs ( Waterpoint mostly), browses some of his favorite sites on the web, writes a lot of perl and a little Java, plays with whatever computer(s) he can get his hands on, reads Science Fiction and Fantasy novel and 'zines (he's even tried writing some of his own), has the occasional Deep Thought(tm), juggles, flies kites (he's got a beautiful Synergy Deca 15), and just hangs out.