Paul Jimenez

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To use my wide skillset and creative thinking to solve interesting problems in novel ways, preferably with open source tools.



SCM/Version Control
git, subversion, perforce, hg, bzr, cvs
Bug Tracking
Github, JIRA, Bugzilla, Fogbugz, RoundUp, Trac
Build Systems
make, pip, npm, ant, Docker
Github, MoinMoin, Trac
Github, CircleCI, Pipelines, TravisCI, CruiseControl, Hudson/Jeeves
Eclipse, vim, Idea


August 2018 - Now
Cofounder, Owner, Architect, Developer at NextPrime, a financial technology company. Developed and implemented a prime brokerage API for venues and banks to update shared balances in real-time. Pivoted to build a cryptocurrency trading platform including data gathering, back testing, and active trading across six different venues.

January 2017 - October 2017
Devops and Development for Aquanta. Implememented Continuous Integration using Atlassian Bitbucket and Pipelines. Automated cloud deployment with Ansible, with local deployment via Vagrant for development and testing. Coordinated and managed AWS services (EC2, S3, RDS, SQS, SNS, Kinesis, Lambda, Cloudwatch, etc). Wrote backend integrations with Nest and IFTTT.

February 2014 - September 2016
Co-founder, Sysadmin, developer for GrupoARC, a cryptocurrency trading fund. Configured and maintained multiple cloud VPS platforms for trading and internal coordination purposes. Wrote multiple trading platforms in Python, using actor frameworks thespian and candygram. Integrated with multiple bitcoin exchanges. Integrated with pyalgotrade. Implemented multiple automated trading strategies.

July 2008 - 2013
Owner, AnyPlaceGames - Wrote two Android apps: PolyFall and PhitLog (unpublished)

Apr 2007 - January 2014
Senior QA Manager for SmartBear Software. Automated testing of core product using Ant, Java, jUnit, and XMLUnit. Continuous Integration using CruiseControl and Hudson first internally and then in the cloud. Custom internal cloud tools development for load testing and bug replication. Core product developer.

Jan 2005 - Feb 2007
Senior Sysadmin for RGM Advisors, LLC. Designed and implemented datacenter network architecture for locations around the world. Deployed Asterisk PBX with Polycom VOIP phones. Used FAI and custom Debian packages to deploy, maintain, and grow a Debian linux cluster of Dell and Supermicro Xeons and Opterons from 30 to 90+ machines. Deployed Apple XServe RAID, Coraid, and Agami storage solutions.

Jun 2002 - Jun 2004
Product development for Deepfile (now StoredIQ), of a Linux-based appliance with custom (mostly Python) software. Took the lead in automating integration-level test cases. Used FAI to automate beta and production build systems to allow build-to-order in under 10 minutes. Architected and implemented core product infrastructure using Python and C interfaces to MySQL, Postgres, SMB, AFS, NFS with a Webware (python servlet) front end. Eventually ended up with Patent #7610329

Oct 2001 - Apr 2002
Contract programming for Musenki helping to port ppcboot (a powerpc bootloader) and linux to the Motorola MPC8245 (603e core) on custom hardware, using C and some PowerPC assembly.

Mar 2001 - Sept 2001
Programmer for Agenda Computing. Cross-platform development of linux device drivers for the NEC VR4181 (MIPS-based) CPU embedded in the Agenda VR3 PDA using C. Also some application development for said platform using C++. Laid off when company closed.

Nov 2000 - Feb 2001
Senior Programmer at CTS Technologies, R&D Group. Deployed version control (CVS). Added features, re-architected main product (an approx 20kloc perl CGI integrating network and telephony switch functionality). Laid off when company closed.

Nov 1998 - Aug 2000
"Bit Juggler" (reporting directly to CTO) at Wayport, Inc, an ISP for hotels and airports. Designed, implemented and deployed network-wide SNMP/CGI-based client-server usage accounting and billing software based on linux and open source software. Built web-based monitoring and troubleshooting tools for same network. Created 'Danger Disk' single floppy quick-install/config system for the on-property NMDs.

Nov 1996 - Sept 1998
Sysadmin, Test Engineer, Developer SmallWorks, Inc, an Internet software development company in Austin, TX. Responsible for continual configuration and maintenance of production and (highly dynamic) internal developers networks. Developed and tested multithreaded server (using POSIX threads, shared memory, and semaphores) in both C and java under Linux and Solaris.

Nov 1995 - Nov 1996
Director of Network Services, Freeside Communications, Inc, an Internet Service Provider in Austin, TX. Duties included network design, maintenance and wiring, routing management, organization, and deployment, and 24-hour on-call network support.


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