Paul's Place

Welcome to PJ's Place!

This is my little corner of the web, and welcome to it!


Yes, I'm the Paul Jimenez that graduated from Klein Oak in 1990 after previously going to Sharpstown. I then went to Texas A&M for awhile.

Lately (okay, since about '97), I've been going by 'PJ' instead of Paul because I found myself in groups with other people named Paul. I like it, and other people say it fits me, but I still answer to either.

I've been doing kung fu at a local school since sometime in 2000 (with a few breaks). Must combat swivel-chair spread.

There's not much here other than a few pieces of software that I've written that I think other people might like and also a (fairly short, now probably outdated) hotlist of useful info that's as much for me as anyone else.

There's also a copy of my resume, in case you'd like to make me an offer I can't refuse.

I helped Jim Thompson get some custom hardware up for (now-defunct) Musenki. He wrote up a kind of progress report on our work.

In July of 2002, I got a Honda Insight and proceeded to upgrade it.

People say I'm hard to buy for, so I've started keeping a giftlist (which includes a link to my amazon wishlist).